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Unibell is an Healthcare Company, belonging to the group of Unibell International, a society operating in the field of physiotherapy and aesthetic care, which professionality, scientific strictness and the guarantee of fast and stable results are well-known and renowned, worldwide.

The history of the company is the one of Mario Scerri, current CEO. Unibell International was born in 1979 as a small company in the cosmetic and aesthetic field. Since the beginning, it has been dedicated to aesthetic care and body wellness, through methods and products based on natural and aromatherapeutic principles. It was committed to the remise en forme with an approach based on scientifically-proved concepts.

Then, in 1986, Unibell widened its activity in the physiotherapeutic field, in particular in sports medicine, by introducing innovative technologies onto the market.

The real turning point came in the year 1996, with our participation to the Atlanta Summer Olympics and the birth of the “Tecar” division, which then would become HumanTecar®, a brand which has been appreciated since the very beginning in the world of professional, high-level international sport. Today, it is still recognised as the original tecartherapy, as a guarantee of results which not only are effective and stable over time, but are also obtained quickly, an element of paramount importance in the sports field.

Therefore, Unibell has acquired a remarkable experience and credibility for the treatment of athletes, to recover muscle functionality in short times, for the prevention of injuries and the improvement of performance, an expertise which has been transferred to several medical and physiotherapy fields. In fact, today, a number of clinics, hospitals, private centres, physiotherapy studios, care centres and rehabilitation centres use HumanTecar® devices and methods in their daily routine, for the treatment of their patients, treatments which go far beyond simple orthopaedics.

More recently, Unibell went back to the field of wellness and aesthetic care, by transferring all the know-how, the experience, the research and the methods developed in the physiotherapeutic field to beauty treatments and to the care of general wellness, giving birth to the brand Omeoenergetica®.

The society, currently managed by the Scerri family, keeps its eyes on the future, in an ongoing research of improvement, always based on scientific strictness. The constant commitment in demonstrating the effectiveness of methods and products, by providing several studies, materialises in the collaboration with prestigious universities and clinics.

Today, the brands HumanTecar® and Omeoenergetica® benefit from all the scientific experience and the know-how which has been developed in the physiotherapeutic, medical and aesthetic areas, to guarantee the same results in both fields, and make them available for a more and more wide public.